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Tiera H.
Founder and CEO of Black Collegians Inc.

Tiera is a Political Science student at an accredited institution. She is an advent servant of the community, and her service began while she was in elementary school. Her dedication to community advocacy is evident as she has participated and led in the areas of social justice/equity, and food insecurities (particularly in black and brown communities). Ms. Tiera realizes that we are currently in need of a great change within this society and understands that change will not come without hard work, patience, and unity. Therefore, she is dedicated to ensuring that the voices of her community members are heard and that the justice system listens to their concerns and issues. Ms. Tiera founded Black Collegians in February of 2020, however, her work and development of the organization and business began in 2018. Black Collegians is dedicated to serving the community by promoting and amplifying the voices of those within black and brown communities.

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